When you can't
be there,
Integra will.

Worried about your family members? Are they safe? Did they Eat?

Are you concerned about a loved one who needs additional care? At Integra Home Health Care we offer personalized, compassionate and professional Home Care services for peace of mind when you can't be there.

We are a local Twin Cities, licensed, family-owned and operated Home Care agency. We provide dedicated, high quality in-home personal care services for both non-medical Personal Care and professional Skilled Nursing Services to seniors, ill, and physically challenged individuals. Our goal is to provide restorative methods, tools and procedures helping our clients maintain and enjoy a normal pattern of life.

"Our caregivers aren't assigned – they are matched to your loved one to reflect the best possible fit. And when each visit is completed, our leading-edge technology includes e-mail alerts that a new update has been posted on our password protected client portal." Call us to learn more about our quality care services.

Dimitiry & Olga Papkov   

Why You Should Choose
Integra Home Health Care:
New Technology with
Genuine Compassion
Integra E-Connect©
Family Connection
& Family Portal
Matching Caregivers
to Your Loved One
Family Owned
and Operated