Resources to get help and to learn more

As a service to our clients and their families, Integra Home Health care has assembled a list of organizations that can provide valuable support.

Alzheimer's Association

This site explains the Health Information Privacy Act and your rights as a consumer that protects your health information. This online brochure is available in many different languages.

Alzheimer's Stages

American Diabetes Assn.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Here you will find helpful, up to date information on healthy living topics, diseases and conditions, vaccine information and flu updates.

Drug Watch is updated with the latest news on medical research, clinical trials, recalls and FDA warnings. Senior safety information is also available as well as updates on devices

MN Seniors Online

This website is a great resource for seniors for products, services, shopping, entertainment, the hot dining spots, fun stuff, hobbies, crafting, antiques, movies/books, events and happenings in your area, city and county government information, and other valuable information that is relevant to you and your lifestyle.

Safety Net

Technology and tracking bracelets are lightweight watch-like devices for patients who have tendencies to wonder off. These GPS tracking devices make it easy to locate loved ones.


Brain fitness computer games and activities to enhance cognitive abilities.