Convenient, reliable, professional nursing services

Skilled nursing care differs from custodial or companion care because it provides specific medical attention to you or your loved one. The goal of our skilled nursing services is to allow the patient to remain home despite an injury, illness or chronic condition that may otherwise require hospitalization or regular visits to a medical office. Through their consistent observations and evaluations, Integra's highly-trained Skilled Nurses can help prevent hospitalization, readmission, or inconvenient trips to a physician's office.

For added peace of mind, our skilled nursing team is available 24/7/365 to care for you or your loved one. When there is an urgent need, all it takes is one phone call to reach a live member of our team.

But the chief benefit of Integra's skilled nursing services is the ability of the patient to remain at home in familiar surroundings and maintain a quality of life that is higher than that found in an institutional setting. Our highly-trained and educated skilled nurses strive to provide independence, comfort and safety with a high level of concern and compassion.

The skilled nursing services offered through Integra Home Health Care include:

  • Wound care – Helps promote fast, safe healing
  • Administration of intravenous (IV) solutions – Ensures the correct dosage
  • PT/INR check – Helps maintain effectiveness of anticoagulants
  • Injections – Safe, gentle administration of needed medications
  • Urinary catheter care – For proper, safe handling of this important device
  • Diabetic teaching and other professional nursing services
  • Health education - For the patient and family
  • And more…

(If you do not see the specific skilled nursing function you need, please contact our office.)

About the FREE In-home Health Assessment:

To assist you with determining your care needs, our Home Care Coordinator, a Registered Nurse will visit with you or your family free of charge. This initial visit allows you to become familiar with our Home Health services as well as assist the Home Care Coordinator to identify your needs. The Coordinator is also available to develop a plan of action, choose appropriate caregivers, and coordinate all other aspects of care.

For more information on Integra's FREE In-home Health Assessment, or to learn more about our skilled nursing services, please fill out and submit the form at the top of the page of call our office at (952) 985-0672.